Volvo’s first electric car is here called XC40 Recharge

We have observed that the world is moving towards electrical energy and the old methods of fuel are no longer preferred. This is because the climate is getting affected by it and the changes in climate are being observed on a more regular basis nowadays. At the moment, however, we do not have many companies that have released an electric car apart from Tesla which can be said as the only proper electric car company right now.

While we know that Tesla is also struggling to hold the position in the market, it has no competition so it has a great advantage. However, we might see the first competition for Tesla starting today as Volvo, the car manufacturer, has launched an electric car of the future. This car from Volvo is named as the XC40 Recharge which can be said as being a weird name for a car. However, we also know that they have to distinguish between electric cars and normal petrol/diesel cars because unlike Tesla, they manufacture both.

Volvo CTO Henrik Green said, as reported by TechCrunch, that “It’s a car of firsts and it’s a car of the future,” while talking about more features of its XC40 Recharge. On the inside of XC40 Recharge, there is an infotainment system which makes it the first Volvo to have such a system. Now, this is also powered by the Android operating system which is basically Android Auto.

The car is also said to have an over-the-air updates system which means that similar to phone, you will now need to update your car as well. Green also added that “So now the XC40 will stay as fresh as your phone or tablet, and no longer will a car’s best day be the day it leaves the factory,”. There is no word at the moment from Volvo regarding pricing and availability of its car and we will update you when we know more about it.