Viral Crying Snapchat Filter Inspired By Amber Heard?

Viral Crying Snapchat Filter Inspired By Amber Heard?

To nobody’s surprise, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial is the center of attention ever since it started. Amber’s emotional breakdown in the courtroom while testifying is being linked to the viral sobbing filter on Snapchat.

The actress was sobbing throughout her testimony and coincidentally or not, Snapchat came out with the crying filter. However, we do not need to leave it to speculation as Snapchat has responded to these claims.

The company has clarified that they did not produce the filter for Amber’s dramatic outburst. As per TMZ, the filter had been in the creation process for over six months which was before the trial started.

The filter turns a neutral face into a sobbing mess as the reality lens superimposes over people’s visages. This filter has gone viral and has gained over 1.3 billion Snapchat impressions as people keep using this filter over recordings.

Amber was crying on the witness stand last week as she talked about being allegedly abused. The actress talked about the infamous incident that happened in Australia a month after their wedding in 2015. However, despite Heard testifying, not many users believe her story.

The crying filter was associated with Heard’s testimony after which Twitter had some thoughts. A user joked how people are going hard on this case as someone on TikTok said Amber should have used the crying filter. Another person joked how the Snapchat crying filter is more believable than Amber’s testimony.

While another user claimed that Amber should use the filter on Snapchat as it actually gives tears.

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