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Victoria Cartagena (Gotham) Returns To Play Renee Montoya In Batwoman Season 3

Renee Montoya has been cast as Batwoman in Season 3, and she is a recognisable face. Montoya first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series and has since been a part of the DC Comics canon, as well as a love interest for Kate Kane’s Batwoman and the newest incarnation of The Question.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Batwoman was seeking for a replacement for Renee Montoya for the forthcoming season, and they found one in Victoria Cartagena, who has previously played the character on Gotham.

Gotham Series

On the TV series Gotham, Cartagena portrayed Renee Montoya. She only appeared in one season of the show, but she was established as Gordan’s wife, Barbara’s, previous girlfriend. Cartagena has been in a number of shows since leaving Gotham, including Jessica Jones and a recurring role on the now-canceled NBC series Manifest.

She was most recently one of the stars of Almost Family, a one-season Fox drama that was cancelled after one season. Cartagena is about to return to Gotham’s streets, but on a different network and reality.

Cartagena will play Renee Montoya in the upcoming season of Batwoman, according to a Deadline report. Despite playing the same role on Gotham, this will be a new rendition of the character with no connection to the one shown on the show. Montoya of Cartagena is characterised as a former GCPD officer who quit because she couldn’t stand the department’s corruption and now oversees the “freaks” division, which will see increased activity with the arrival of supervillains hinted at in Batwoman’s season 2 finale.

With Renee Montoya’s debut in Batwoman Season 3, the new Bat-allies family’s begin to increase. Cartagena now has the opportunity to explore a different side of the character than she did on Gotham. This will allow viewers to witness how the same actor handles the same character in two quite different television series.

Season 3 of Batwoman has only recently begun filming, so it could be a few months before The CW releases the first image or clip of Cartagena as Renee Montoya.

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