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Understanding the Link between Finance & Social Media with Aidan Ranzieri

“I wish I could have avoided the part of me that was only caring about the money, because in the beginning, as many people resonate with, I really got into business, because of the opportunity and financial freedom aspect.”

Who among us can say they do not relate with the above statement, at least a little? Keeping in mind that it comes from a 15-year-old entrepreneur, it is painfully true. Especially since we all remember what it means to be 15 and badly crave your own freedom and financial independence.

“Although you may get into this business to make money, if you only focus on making money, you’re not going to last. I feel the customer is the most important person in my mind. You have to strive to make the customer as happy as they can be.”

Aidan Ranzieri, the young man to whom the two statements belong, is currently the founder of one of the best, most relevant social media growth companies in the business today. Next Level Growth Agency is a Chicago-based business that caters to a wide and varied range of clients, from small businesses to immense ones, from influencers, to people just struggling to make a name for themselves in the world. And all of them are brought together by a common ally – Aidan Ranzieri and his unique, impressive vision.

“I love helping the community and all I do is help. For example, if I’m on a call with a potential client and they don’t meet the guidelines or have the money to pay for my services, I will give them the opportunity to come under my wing and learn how to sell and learn how to close and give them an opportunity to make money for free.”

But it is easy to see why Ranzieri may be the best man for the job, since at his tender age, he’s already enjoyed quite notable success on social media himself. In 2019, he became quite the TikTok sensation, when his videos began rapidly amassing fans. He broke the 500k followers mark in under two weeks, and several of his videos went on to become viral hits, to be enjoyed by tens of millions of people. So, you know, when working with Ranzieri, he is not just empty words. He is coming at you from a place of knowledge, surprisingly insightful for a man so young.

“Next Level is all about taking businesses and personal brands to the next level on social media, increasing their conversion and ultimately sales. So much success and I fell in love with the industry. To this day I have helped hundreds of businesses and personal brands increase their credibility on social media. Also striving personally and scaling my business every day to the next level.”

Talking with Ranzieri offers great insight into what it means being a social media marketer and growth expert. But also, in what it means being an entrepreneur, and that is, focusing on the work and the journey, rather than the money.


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