UFC World Including Dana White and Israel Adesanya React to the Mike Tyson Encounter

Mike Tyson’s latest video has a global fighting game in which he responds. This video shows Tyson engaging with a man in a critical condition on a plane. However it seems that the former heavyweight boxer was always pushing, which may have led to him doing what he did. UFC fighters and other equipment also gave their opinion on the video ‘Iron Mike’s.

Mike Tyson gets support from the UFC fighters

The famous heavyweight boxer is a beloved person in the UFC space. Tyson has inspired many fighters. And, even the UFC fighters themselves are facing fans, which makes the moment uncomfortable. So, considering all of that, the UFC personality supports Mike Tyson.

UFC President Dana White, who had an incident with Mike Tyson in the same situation, advised everyone and suggested, “Hey dummies, for future reference, this is how you stay alive when bumping into @MikeTyson on an airplane.”

UFC lightweight hope Terrance McKinney has suggested that everyone should give the fighters their own space. MMA fighter and jiujitsu legend, Garry Tonon, put crew on the plane under the bus.

“Gotta love how flight attendants can pay enough attention to tell you to lift your mask every 2 seconds and shake people awake because of it, but they can’t notice a guy harassing Mike Tyson for 15 minutes and kick him off the plane.”

Even Israel Adesanya responded with a picture of himself and Tyson saying, “Thank you.”

In addition to these MMA fighters, many celebrities responded to the video and had some positive comments about Tyson. It includes famous organizations like Jake Paul, Ryan Garcia, Claressa Shields, and more.

What Mike Tyson’s Spokesperson said?

Mike Tyson’s spokesman issued a statement, according to reports from ESPN, following the incident.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Tyson had an incident on a flight with an aggressive passenger who began harassing him and threw a water bottle at him while he was in his seat.” 

Kamaru Usman’s Reaction to Viral Mike Tyson Incident

Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman commented on his views on the situation on his Instagram. “Hope he learned his lesson. Stop messing with people. Sometimes people don’t want to be bothered”

Usman, who is a major figure in MMA, has seen the situation and extended his support for ‘Kid Dynamite’.

Cell phone pictures taken on the plane show a 20-year-old man repeatedly annoying Tyson, while ‘Iron Mike’ has been avoiding his harassment. After enough time, Tyson proves why he is called the ‘Worst Man on the Planet’ by bringing multiple fists to the man’s face as he leans back in his chair, leaving him badly injured. Prior to the incident, Tyson took a self-portrait of the young actor who was involved and was modest.

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