Twitch Streamer Trainwrecks Donates One Bitcoin Worth $64,000 To Friend’s Mother

Trainwrecks is by far one of the most generous Twitch streamers and he has proved it yet again by doing something unimaginable. Trainwrecks donated one bitcoin (worth $64,000 at the time of donation) to fellow Twitch streamer StableRonaldo’s mother.

After his success and rise to fame on the platform, Trainwrecks has made it a regular thing to donate money to the people who need it the most, including his friends.

The streamer has donated $20,000 to COD gamer Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter as a late wedding gift in the past. He also showed his generosity towards streamer Buddha after the death of his mother.

“I Am Going To Give You 1 Bitcoin”

And now, Trainwrecks has taken it to the next level! While on a call with StableRonaldo’s mom on-stream, the conversation shifted to cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in particular.

Ron’s mother said that she did not have a crypto wallet while her son did. To this, Trainwrecks told “I’m going to give you $64,000 [1 Bitcoin], you can cash it out if you want, but half is for you and half is for your son. But I suggest you get access to his wallet and hold it for him, so he doesn’t do anything stupid.”

Priceless Reactions

Traionwrekcs went on to process the 1 BTC transfer to the wallet of StableRonaldo and once it got reflected in his wallet, the reactions of StableRonaldo and his mom were priceless. They were left in tears after they saw that 1 BTC has been added to their wallet.

StableRonaldo’s mother thanked Trainwrecks and said that this donation will change her life in many ways.  “My dog is having surgery in two weeks, I’m buying out my business partner, I’m trying to catch up on all the bills that I owe.”

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