Twitch Streamer MsDirtyBird Exposed For Faking Cancer Has Apologized

Kaw, better known as MsDirtyBird is a popular and well-recognized Rocket league streamer on Twitch. And guess what? She is not having the best of times currently.

MsDirtyBird ‘falsely’ claimed that she was diagnosed with cancer to her viewers. But in reality, she wasn’t suffering from the potentially life-ending disease. Kaw was exposed by her own sister.

Fake Cancer Diagnosis Exposed

Kaw’s sister said in a Twitch stream “I wanted to address my sister’s stream today about her having cancer, I don’t think – she hasn’t said anything to any of us.”

Expressing hurt over the comments, Kaw said “it hurts me that she has said this.” In the stream, she also mentions how “everyone in her chat still she thinks she has cancer.”

MeDirtyBird Apologizes

After these incidents, MsDirtyBird offered an apology for faking her cancer diagnosis. However, her attempt was wasted as the online community wasn’t impressed.

Internet users found out that the streamer read her apology off an online template and it was completely scripted.

Now, the streamer has given a second attempt at apologizing for her wrongdoing. In a new uncut apology video, Kaw says “This is my official apology video, no cuts, no scripts, nothing”.

Before announcing her break from Twitch, she admitted her mistake saying “What I did was undeniably f**ked up and should have never happened.”


@CatJeans has already given her two cents on situation. She asked Kaw to donate her Twitch income towards charities because ‘actions speak louder than words’.

“I suggest taking all the profit you’ve gotten from your streams these last few days, and donate it to cancer research. Do charity work for those affected by cancer. Actions speak louder than words.”


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