Mizkif Lashes Out On NFT Site Owner Selling His Twitch Clips Without Permission

Twitch streamer Mizkif was informed by his viewers that a site is selling NFTs of Twitch clips. Naturally intrigued, Mizkif thought of checking the site out and seeing what’s up for sale!

However, as soon as Mizkif opens the MyClips.tv site, he gets a shocker! What does he see? Mizkif sees his own Twitch stream clips being sold on the NFT marketplace without his permission!

‘You Son Of A B***h’

As soon as Mizkif realizes what was happening, he says “Oh, you son of a b***h, ohhh you son of a b***h, oh you son of a b***h.

“Are you being f**cking serious, my clips, my money, me? That’s my money I could be making,” said an angry and disturbed Mizkif.

What Are NFTs?

But hold on for a moment.. what on earth are NFTs and why popular influencers such as Logan Paul spending hundreds and millions of dollars on it?

In layman terms, a Non Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique digital piece of art. 

It is also related to cryptocurrencies since the buying and selling of NFTs operate on the Ethereum blockchain.

What Did Mizkif Do?

Coming back to the Mizkif story, the streamer gets in contact with the NFT marketplace site owner to sort it out. The NFT site owners tells Mizkif that only the streamers who have ‘whitelisted’ their clips are being sold. But of course, Mizkif wasn’t buying this excuse.

“But I never whitelisted anything, and I’d LOVE to know how Reckful did,” he DM’d the site’s owner. “And that one I really am interested in, how did Reckful whitelist his own clips?”

The site owner then confessed “None of the clips on the site are actually whitelisted. I just bought some clips myself, and gave eth (etherium) to streamers along the way.”

Was Copyright Law Violated?

Mizkif got his lawyer involved in the whole drama as well. When Mizkif’s lawyer talked to the owner of the site, he was convinced to halt operations and being the site down.

Mizkif’s lawyer said “Hey hey, so I’m an attorney for Miz and others, but I was also Byron’s (Reckful), I have a very deep understanding of the NFT space, I have a very deep understanding of copyright law.”

“There’s years and hundreds of years of basic copyright law here. NFTs have changed a lot of ways technology works, a lot of the ways you can track these things, doesn’t change basic copyright law, What you’re doing here is so not okay.”

The NFT site MyClips.tv stands nullified at the moment and no transaction is taking place there. Do you think Mizkif would drag this incident further (legally) in the near future? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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