Twitch Streamer Mizkif Unbans 25,000 Viewers But Instantly Regrets The Decision

Mizkif is one of the most popular streamers on the planet. He is well-known for his streams that are engaging, filled with enthusiasm, and binge-watch worthy.

The streamer recently took a very bold decision of unbanning 25,000 viewers from his Twitch channel that were previously banned for inappropriate behavior including hate raids, abusive messages, and what not.

‘25,000 People Are Returning’

“25,000 people are getting unbanned right now,” Mizkif yelled after he used two bots to make the whole process automated. “25,000 people are returning. Everyone that JSchlatt banned from his channel is getting unbanned here. Spam your hearts and smiles. Give me those Twitch Primes.”

“Everybody is getting unbanned right now. Everybody deserves a second chance, boys!” But guess what? Mizkif instantly regretted his decision of unbanning the 25k people as the inappropriate behavior from some of them resumed immediately after being unbanned. This is when Mizkif rushed for the Mod Army to save his fortress.

‘Mods, Have Your Swords Ready’

“Mods, have your swords ready,” he said. “There are people ready to fire. Be ready! They are ready to attack. Do not let them get on this fort. We own this playground.”

“Keep it up! Any sh***ers that get out right now and talk sh*t. I want you to throw them back in the brig!”

“I wish there were a way for me to ban them for six months, but there just isn’t,” he said. That’s what motivated him to do it.

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