Twitch Streamer Ludwig Spends $25,000+ On eBay Shopping Bizzare Products

Twitch Streamer Ludwig never fails to entertain his viewers! This time, he did so by going on a shopping spree on eBay. But guess what? He allowed his stream viewers to spend his money on whatever products they wished!

Ludwig’s Twitch chat linked him up to products on eBay and Ludwig bought them all. But there was one product that his Twitch chat linked him to which made the streamer have second thoughts about the whole thing! The product was a life-size wax statue of Jackie Chan.

“Why Is This A Thing”?

The statue was a $16,000 product and Ludwig immediately dialled the line to his best friend-cum-manager to ask if the purchase could be made. Even a millionaire Twitch streamer like Ludwig takes good care of his finances.

“Why is this a thing? It’s 16,000 dollars!” Ludwig said before he called his manager Slime. “This is big enough I have to ask Slime,” he added.

When on the call, the streamer’s manager inquired about what he planned to spend $16,000 0n and Ludwig told his manager “Honestly, I wouldn’t focus on that… I have been thinking physically investments are the key to longevity in the business… It’s a lifesize wax statue of Jackie Chan.”

The Twitch chat got the green signal from Slime to purchase the life-size wax statue of Jackie Chan! Ludwig successfully purchased the $16,000 piece.

What Other Products Did Ludwig Shop?

Apart from this, the Twitch chat asked Ludwig to spend his money on plenty of other bizarre products.

The chat had 20 minutes to make Ludwig buy products on eBay and they managed to spend close to $30,000 during the time. Ludwig bought several other life-size statues, a furry animal suit, and a even a McDonald’s drive-thru sign.

An Among Us shaped chicken nugget was also a part of their shopping basket. Ludwig used his veto power to not go ahead with a three-million-dollar diamond which the chat linked him to.


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