Twitch Streamer Couple Edison Park And Fuslie Announce Breakup

Fans were taken by a surprise when Twitch streamers Edion Park and Fuslie revealed that they have broken up. The two were one of the most popular couples on the platform.

Recently, another famous Twitch couple Mizkif and Maya announced that they were parting ways. Mizkif and Maya ‘mutually’ decided to part ways. Mizkif said that there was “no event, no cheating, no drama.”


Coming back to Edison Park’s breakup, the two have actually been apart for a month now. However, they were unsure about announcing it straight away and thus, took some time before revealing it to the world.

Edison Park proposed to 100 Thieves’ member Fuslie Leslie in April 2019 after streaming for a continuous 541 hours, seven minutes, and 54 seconds. The stream was record-breaking and so was the romantic moment of the two.

The couple have now announced that they are no longer together in separate twitlongers. Leslie sent out a twitlonger explaining in brief that her realtionship with Edison was over.


“We ended on the best terms that we possibly could, and we genuinely want nothing but the best for each other,” she wrote. “Just know that we love each other very much, but ultimately grew apart to the point where we both agree breaking up is what’s best for us.”

Fuslie Twitlonger Edison Park breakup

In a separate Twitlonger, Edison Park said  “Leslie and I shared the most incredible journey together over the last 5.5 years together and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. … we both feel that it’s for the best and have nothing but love for each other.”

Fans and fellow streamers sent their best wishes to the former couple. Kyedae wrote “Love you and Edison both Leslie! Wishing you the best going forward”.

Karl Jacobs commented “Everything happens for a reason. Love ya! glad we’ve grown closer lately, you’re a great person!! Always here if ya need someone”.

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