Pokimane Becomes Among The Top 0.5% Of Valorant Players On The Planet News

Pokimane Becomes Among The Top 0.5% Of Valorant Players On The Planet

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September 19, 2021

Pokimane has made it! All the discrediting and sexist hate thrown at her has failed. The Teitch streamer is officially an Immortal in Valorant.

Twitch streamer Pokimane is well known for her gaming streams. While she already hit Diamond rank three times in Valorant, this time she leveled up a bit to get that Immortal tag.

Diamond Vs Immortal Ranking

But what is the difference between a Diamond and Immortal? Well, a Diamond tag means you are amongst the top 1.5% of Valorant players on earth while Immortal comes above Diamond and implies that the player is in top 0.5%.

Pokimane had been subject to a lot of hate, sexism, and trolls for being a female competitive gamer but she has defied the odds to become on the of best in the game.

Sharing her excitement with her fans, the streamer took to Twitter to share the news. In Episode 3 Act 2, Pokimane hit Immortal and tweeted the following:

‘Happy And Proud’

“After being Diamond for 3 Acts, I finally hit Immortal!. “So freaking happy and proud of myself.”

“It’s taking all my willpower not to debate people trying to discredit me, but whatever! I’m so happy.”

Pokimane also shared some practical tips and tricks that newbies can use to improve their Valorant gameplay.

The tips and tricks have some very important better gameplay suggestions includes aim training, mastering multiple agents in different rules, prioritizing communication, mastering eco, and keep team morale high.

The final rank left to conquer for Pokimane is the ‘Radiant’ rank. Let us see if the streamer manages to get that under her belt.

Will she? Only time shall tell. But for the time being, do us ‘your’ thoughts in the comments.