David Dobrik Leaves The App He Co-Founded As Misconduct Controversy Continues News

David Dobrik Leaves The App He Co-Founded As Misconduct Controversy Continues

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Time icon March 23, 2021

YouTube star David Dobrik has dropped out of the app he launched, following allegations of rape about his former associate.

One woman who appeared in a video on Mr Dobrik’s station said she was raped by another person involved during the recording.

Mr Dobrik, who has nearly 19 million subscribers on the podium, denies any wrongdoing.

Who is David Dobrik?

But the lawsuit has led investors and brands to “reduce relationships” and influence with the YouTube star.

Mr. Dobrik became famous for prank videos, sometimes collaborating with many other YouTubers called Vlog Squad.

During the coronavirus pandemic, he retreated to regular posting on YouTube, in order to introduce the Dispo photo app.

Impact Of The Allegations

A recent study published by Kat Tenbarge on the business news website Insider, details the account of a woman who was raped in 2018 by a member – now not a part of the Vlog Squad.

Since the claims, app support and support for Mr Dobrik has fallen.

The company which is in the field of Venture capital and is also a leading investor in the app, Spark Capital, has announced that it will “sever all ties” with the company.

Mr Dobrik then announced that he would resign from the Dispo board “so as not to disrupt the company’s growth,” the Information Center reported.

As an influential figure on YouTube, Mr. Dobrik made millions of dollars on sponsorship deals.

Hello Fresh, EA Sports and HBO Max are among the brands that have left him.

What Are The Allegations Against Dobrik?

In the account, published in Insider, the woman said she was raped during a 2018 Vlog Squad video recording.

She reportedly said he was given alcohol even though she was under 21 years of age, and was so drunk that she fainted.

Later, she said she was involved in group sex which included a Vlog Squad member, when she was too intoxicated to consent.

The video – which does not explicitly portray the alleged incident – was published on Mr Dobrik’s station, and later removed.

“While our client is appalled by any misconduct attributed to [the former member of the Vlog Squad], assuming it is true, my client denies any wrongdoing,” Mr Dobrik’s lawyer told Insider.

‘Consent Is Super Important To Me’

“Consent is something that’s super, super-important to me,” Mr Dobrik added via a recent video posted to one of his YouTube channels,

“Whether I’m shooting with a friend, or shooting a stranger, I make sure that any video I make, I get permission from that person.”

The former Vlog Squad member who is accused and is the center of the controversy did not respond to requests for comment.

Police were not informed and no charges were filed against the alleged perpetrator, Insider said.

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