Travis Barker Would Love To Marry Kourtney Kardashian But Scott Disick Is A Factor News

Travis Barker Would Love To Marry Kourtney Kardashian But Scott Disick Is A Factor

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Time icon April 27, 2021

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are madly in love and the former Blink 182 drummer wants to put a ring on it. The reality star is so in love with Travis but she is not considering marriage.

According to sources, this is because of how much it would impact her ex, Scott Disick. The source close to the Poosh founder revealed that Travis gets her situation and is not pressurizing her. “Kourtney’s more in love than ever and everyone sees it,” said the source. “She and Travis just vibe. He adores her and waits on her hand and foot.”

The source further revealed that the musician is caring and going out of his way “kind of guy” and a great dad. Insiders also added that he is great with her kids and she is great with his. “She’s formed a bond over the years with his daughter, but it’s nice because they all knew one another before they dated,” said the source.

It is not a surprise that Travis wants to put a ring on it but as per sources, there are concerns over upsetting her ex. That is something that is holding her back at the moment from even thinking about it. The source insisted that Travis would love to get married to her but that is not something she is considering right now.

“A big part of it is getting married and the Scott situation,” the source explained. “Those are primary reasons. Travis gets that though and he’s very respectful and understanding of her situation with Scott.” Previously there were reports which revealed that Scott is worried that Kourtney’s relationship with Travis could make him lose his standing within the family.

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Kourtney Has Anxiety On The Thought of Getting Back Together With Scott

According to an insider, Scott will always be connected because of their kids but if the reality star moves on and gets married, it will cause a great deal of pain to Scott. The source said, “sure he will always be connected because of the kids but if Kourtney moves on and even possibly gets married it will be such a gut punch because he wasn’t the one who did it.”

As per the source, it would be a blow to his ego and he is considering the fallout. The source added if he loses his standing with the family then his outside “ventures” will dry up as well. As per another source, he and Kourtney were in a great place before her new relationship with Travis.

The source added that Scott was feeling closer to the Poosh founder than he has in a long time. “They were in a great place as co-parents and communicating better than ever. Of course, they weren’t a couple, but he was really enjoying just spending time as a family and bonding again,” revealed the source.

However, things have changed as Travis has swooped Kourtney off her feet. In a recent episode of KUWTK, Kourtney admitted that talking about the possibility of getting back together with Scott gives her anxiety. This is because he had cheated on her. She said, “I don’t know. He’s handsome, he’s smart, he’s funny, he’s the dad of my kids. I think just the thought gives me anxiety.”

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