TraderTV is Helping the New Generation of Day Traders Continue to Maximise Profits Outside of the Pandemic

Over the past couple of years, people all over the world have found new interests and new ways to maximise income as the pandemic pushed people to become more innovative than ever before. For those intrigued by market activity, especially as worldwide mandates made the market especially turbulent, day trading became an exciting part of a daily routine. While being stuck at home, many people turned to the stock market and day trading to facilitate further personal financial growth.

 As mandated stay-at-home orders continued being the norm across the world, more and more people turned to the world of financial markets Lawrence Sprung, a ​​certified financial planner and president of Mitlin Financial, based in Hauppauge, New York, told CNBC that millions of unemployed Americans “feel it (retail trading) is a method they can use to replace lost income.” He also added that people were doing things they normally would not do because of all the additional time they had on their hands.

However, it is important to note that retail trading can be challenging as most investors do not necessarily have the adequate time or deep enough pockets to sustain the inevitable losses involved with any sort of financial market speculation. This growing generation of traders are thus especially sensitive to tumultuous stock markets and shifting financial conditions. With approximately 1.8 million adults in the U.K. alone becoming day traders during the pandemic, according to City A.M, the retail trading boom continues to be felt throughout the world.

“People are obviously attracted by the promise of big gains,” said Barbara Roper, director of investor protection at the Consumer Federation of America. “But they are just as likely, maybe more likely, to suffer big losses.”

To help those navigating the world of retail trading, day trading support sites like came to fruition to provide reliable resources to help traders maximize their profits and mitigate risk for both newbies and professionals. The franchise is sponsored by Day Trade the World (DTTW), the world’s biggest platform for day traders that is connected to more than 50 markets globally.

Founded in 2019 originally as a resource exclusively for trading offices, TraderTV, under the stewardship of Select Vantage Inc. and Day Trade the World CEO Daniel Schlaepfer — who is also the show’s executive producer — decided to open up to the public by offering the show on YouTube free for all to view. It is hosted by expert market traders Brendan Wickens, Neal Roberts and Chawn Catena, with the trio bringing more than 40 years of combined experience to the masses, helping the average day trader strengthen their understanding of the activity and offering real-time trading tips.

With the show now being offered to the public via YouTube, TraderTV has quickly become the top day trading show on YouTube with nearly 300,000 devoted subscribers and more than 25 million views. The primary purpose of the show is to provide useful insight from personal experiences. Some of the notable recent guests to appear on TraderTv include seasoned and no-nonsense investors Peter Schiff and Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary.

As TraderTV continues to help day traders maximise their trading performance, the show continues to set the precedent for disseminating knowledge and helping the collective public in regards to the trading landscape.


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