Roman Reigns

Top WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes Breaks His Silence Following Recent Criticism From Roman Reigns

A current WWE Superstar named Cody Rhodes has offered his opinion on The Tribal Chief’s direct remarks in response to Roman Reigns’ recent verbal assault on him. The Chairman of the Table addressed his WrestleMania 39 rival personally on RAW last Monday. Cody has allegedly backed away from practically all of the challenges in his career, according to Reigns.

Even The American Nightmare’s departure from AEW, a brand he played a significant role in founding before leaving and returning to WWE last year, was brought up. The former AEW star expressed his thoughts on Roman Reigns’ promo from Monday Night during a recent interview. “Roman’s reference to running is fantastic. It has to be mine.

Despite the fact that I faced difficulty, I did not decide to stay and dig my heels into the ground. This is not where I placed my flag. The campus won’t see me returning there. A different campus is where I’m going. All my life, I have abhorred the phrase “trust the process.” Why not design a procedure? Why should I believe the procedure? Constructing the process is what I prefer.

Why Roman is hurt by the company?

Roman is right when he says he was hurt by the company and had to leave the neighbourhood. “I had to stop from being stung any longer.” The Undisputed WWE Universal Title will be on the line when Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes square off in the main event of WrestleMania 39 on Sunday. Cody must overcome Roman’s undefeated cousin Solo Sikoa on RAW the following Monday in order to face The Top of the Table in Los Angeles.

Rhodes agreed to take on Sikoa next week after accepting Paul Heyman’s challenge last night on SmackDown. Many people wonder if Cody is making the right choice to wrestle in such a risky bout just six days before the greatest competition of his life, given Solo’s dominance and physical capabilities. The greatest title run in WWE history could come to an end if Cody Rhodes beats Roman Reigns. Since 936 days ago, The Tribal Chief has held the title of champion.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.