Tom Felton Addresses Rumors About Dating Harry Potter Co-Star News

Tom Felton Addresses Rumors About Dating Harry Potter Co-Star

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Time icon June 5, 2021

Harry Potter star Tom Felton has revealed if there was something between him and his former co-star Emma Watson. He revealed if there ever has been a romantic connection. Harry Potter was originally a series of novels by J. K. Rowling. However, the book series was adapted into a movie because it was becoming increasingly successful.

The entire series focuses on Harry Potter a boy who is the “chosen one” and must fight the evil force, Voldemort. Tom used to play the role of Draco Malfoy who was Harry Potter’s rival. His character and his family were working along with Voldemort and the dark side. Meanwhile, Emma was playing the role of Harry Potter’s best friend, Hermione. Both Malfoy and Hermione’s personalities are so intense that they often used to clash their heads on various occassions.

The characters might have hated each other but the actors who played the iconic role felt an entirely different way. Emma had previously revealed that she had a crush on Tom when they were together in Harry Potter. And now Tom has addressed the rumours that are surrounding him and Emma. Fans have loved the pairing even if they were enemies on-screen.

Tom talked about the equation he shares with Emma as he expressed that they are “something”. He shared that they have been very close with each other for years. The actor thinks she is fantastic and revealed that they call each other regularly. He said that they even talked to each other within the past couple of days and only hopes that the feelings are mutual.

The Harry Potter star added that he is not sure if their connection began by themselves or the rivalry between their characters. He calls the romantic side of their friendship as the Slytherin/Gryffindor tension. The actor also noted that she was the only girl who was the main character on set and the rest were boys.

But this was seemingly an attempt to minimize his adoration for her as he reportedly tearily noted that he thinks the world of her. While we know that Tom adores Emma, it seems like he has more feelings than just adoration. It might be that the co-stars have dated before or haven’t. But they are certainly headed in the same director. Harry Potter fans will have to wait for Emma to address these feelings. If Tom has feelings for Emma, he will have to hope that her childhood crush on him still prevails.

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