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Tom Cruise Signs Autographs For ‘Disappointed’ Woburn & Wavendon Football Club

Tom Cruise helped out the abandoned football team left that has geen left out of the pocket due to the effects of coronavirus pandemic.

Woburn and Wavendon Football Club initially felt “disappointed” when they were kicked out of their Bedfordshire stadium to make arrangements for Mission: Impossible 7 movie crew.

Tom Cruise’s Generosity

But the smile was quickly restored when Hollywood legend Cruise signed the club’s shirts, not just one, but a bunch of them.

It will now be used as part of the group’s crowd fund initiative of £ 12,000.

The money raised by the shirts will be donated to the group’s community programs

Chairman Robert Hill said it was worrying not to be able to use the stadiums because of the recording as they were eager to go back and play some football “after the lockdown restrictions were reduced.

‘Fingers Crossed’

But he said the club rang the production company to say staff would “do whatever we could” to help, and while on the phone asked if some shirts could be signed.

“They said they would do their best and we crossed the fingers in great hopes,” he said.

How Will The Signed Shirts Be Used?

Club committee member Wes Williams, who founded the crowd-fund raiser, said it was a surprise when Top Gun star Cruise admitted to their wish.

He said the team needed to raise money as it had lost about £ 30,000 when some of its tournaments were canceled.

Mr Williams said the money raised would support their community programs.

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