TikTok's Viral Coffee Drink: Orange Juice, Espresso Is Internet's New Obsession

TikTok’s Viral Coffee Drink: Orange Juice, Espresso Is Internet’s New Obsession

Tiktok is the stop-shop for creating new trends as well as coming across others. New recipes are something TikTok constantly churns out. Just recently, there was a Brownie Recipe trend fermenting on the social media site. Many users are confused in perplexity and distaste at the odd mix of the latest trend: orange juice and espresso.

However, you must have heard, don’t knock it till you try it. Against all odds, the drink’s verdict is overwhelmingly favorable. This current trend is a reimaging of the traditional American morning pairing of coffee and orange juice. Instead of drinking the two beverages separately, this combination blends them to create a morning beverage that is more refreshing than either of the components alone.

The cocktail became viral after TikToker @bundaddy released a video in which she combined espresso with her OJ. Since it was released on March 2, the video has had over 1.6 million views and 192.3k likes.

In the video, the influencer said:

“Alright, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Put espresso in your orange juice. I have not seen one person who likes espresso and orange juice not like them together. You think that you won’t. You will.”

She further added that she hasn’t had a latte in weeks and discovered this. The user said ever since she tried that she has never gone back.

The acidity and fresh sweetness of the orange juice, which discreetly complements and balances the bitterness of the espresso, make this combination work. Not to mention the dramatic fall of espresso over the eye-catching OJ, which makes for fantastic Instagram content.

Fluent In Coffee recommends using either espresso coffee or cold brew coffee concentrate

The viral coffee drink is not a new invention though. It is said to have been here for some time since 2014. Even untrained home cooks will have little trouble making this cocktail. The only problem is that neither the original video by @bundaddy nor the countless recreations of the popular cocktail indicate the proper proportions of the two components.

Fluent In Coffee recommends using either espresso coffee or cold brew coffee concentrate in their recipe. A double shot of espresso is enough for a 4 oz glass of orange juice. If cold brew concentrate is utilized, the ratio of cold brew to orange juice should be 1:1.

Because large orange bits aren’t the most appetizing, it’s best to use pulp-free orange juice for this drink. Though freshly squeezed juice is preferred, store-bought orange juice can suffice.

Pour the orange juice first over a big ice-filled glass, followed by the espresso to produce a stunning gradient. Pour the cold brew carefully over a spoon placed over the glass filled with orange juice and ice.

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