TikTok Is Launching Live Subscriptions This Week!

TikTok is expanding its creator monetization options with the inclusion of LIVE subscriptions, which will be available to a restricted group of creators later this week.

Last year, TikTok overtook ‘Google’ in web searches, making it one of the most popular social media sites.

While it’s best known as a short-form video sharing site known for spreading viral material, it’s now introducing a new function that’s comparable to Twitch’s streaming service.

Users may follow their favourite broadcasters on Twitch for free. However, if people wish to financially support these streamers, they can always subscribe for a set amount that grants them additional rights. With its current subscription model, TikTok has joined the ranks of other video-sharing services.

TikTok’s LIVE subscription service will allow live-streamers on the app to earn recurring cash by sharing exclusive broadcasts with their paying audience.

As explained by TikTok: “LIVE Subscription is an extension of our efforts to build diversified creator monetization opportunities that suit a range of creator needs. LIVE Subscription gives creators the opportunity to increase their earnings while continuing to grow their community and also provides engaged communities an opportunity to thank their favorite creators on a regular basis.”

TikTok Live Subscription Benefits

Monthly subscribers will have access to a number of special features, including: (1) Subscriber Badges: Subscribers receive badges that are displayed next to their name on their profile and upgraded over time. (2) Custom Emotes: Subscribers get access to exclusive emotes custom-designed by the creators to use during LIVE sessions to bring the community together and make your sessions more spirited. (3) Subscriber-Only Chat: When the subscriber-only chat is turned on, creators and their subscribers have exclusive access to one another, enhancing an even more personal connection between creator and viewer.

To access the LIVE Subscription feature, creators must be 18 years of age and have a minimum of 1,000 followers. Users must be over 18 to purchase a subscription and to send or receive Coins and Gifts. All users must follow our Community Guidelines and not solicit gifts or offer incentives for gifting.

TikTok’s LIVE subscriptions beta will kick off on May 26, and is exclusive to a handful of creators on the app. These creators can be found on TikTok’s official LIVE Creator account, which also shares information regarding this new feature.

Some users have claimed that the revenue from this subscription service is similar to that of Twitch, which boasts a 30-50 % revenue cut with streamers.

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