Thor Joins The Hangover Gang In Weird Crossover

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor joined The Hangover gang in a new piece of amusing crossover art. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has gone through tremendous change and growth throughout his tenure at the MCU.

Fans got a taste of Chris’ Thor becoming as he was in 2017’s Ragnarok during his appearance during Doctor Strange’s mid-credits scene. After the criticism received for Thor: The Dark World, it became clear that the MCU hero needed a drastic change. Taika Watiti’s Ragnarok became a fan-favourite entry because of its irreverent take on Thor.

This seemingly looks like something Chris enjoys portraying on screen as well. Now, after What If…?’s take on “funny Thor” has taken the character to the next level. Disney+’s animated anthology series gave audiences “Party Thor”.

The series looked at an alternate reality in episode 7 called “What If…Thor were an only child?” This is a universe where Thor grew up without Loki and became a “bro” who loved more than a few magical pints. Cesar, the digital artist has recently shared some art on Instagram imagining a variety of crossovers.

This ranges from Harley Quinn and Cruella to Back to the Future and Loki. But one of these crossover images sees the character in the iconic elevator shot from The Hangover franchise. In this scene, they were trying to remember the events from the night before.

Film addicts know how The Hangover by Todd Phillips is one of the greatest raunchy comedies ever made. The movie became the highest-grossing R-rated comedy in history. it garnered over $400 million. What If…?‘s season 1 finale, made it clear that Thor loves Las Vegas and has become his now-signature battle cry, “Viva Las VEGAS!”


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