The Wrestling World Reacts to Paige’s WWE Departure

Wrestlers from various promotions have reacted to Paige’s departure from WWE. As previously stated, the former two-time WWE Divas Champion announced friday that she will be leaving WWE on July 7. Paige, who retired in 2018 due to such a career-ending neck injury, has made a vow to beat the odds and come back to the squared circle.

Paige previously stated that the journeys of WWE Hall of Famer Edge as well as AEW celebrity Bryan Danielson, both who effectively returned from career-threatening injury issues, had inspired her. When this was mentioned to her that she’d been showcased in several of WWE’s most-liked Instagram photos in the company’s history, Paige asked fans to “imagine a return.” Paige reacted to fan criticism on Twitter, saying she should’ve been back on stage by now since Bryan Danielson and WWE Hall of Famer Edge had made successful comebacks. 

Paige’s hypothetical comeback to the ring remains a big topic among fans on social media, and Paige herself frequently comments on a possible return, stoking the rumour mill at times. Paige replied to many of the followers who think she’s lazy today, saying that her neck is still recovering and that everyone is constructed differently. 

It’s amazing how some people say things like, Well, edge and Bryan came back, you’re just lazy. They have influenced me. I’m not a slug. My neck requires rest. Each of us is built differently. I apologise, fam, she wrote. She replied to a fan twitter post this week, saying that while fans always claim they want to see Paige back to the ring, nobody ever asked her what she desires. 

Paige Confirmed, “I Want To Wrestle Again.”

She is now out of action because she was forced into retirement in 2018 due to a neck injury she sustained at a WWE live event in December 2017. She was thought to be under contract with WWE until 2023, however she announced last fall that her contract will expire in June of next year. 

Paige, who turns 30 in August, has indicated her desire for a ring comeback in many interviews and tweets in 2021, and has stated that she has been not done. There were even reports that she had been approved medically to fight again, but none of this was substantiated.


Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.