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The Verbal War Between Ayeza Khan & Amna Ilyas Ended? Doesn’t Look Like It!

The war of words between the two renowned actresses of the Pakistan entertainment industry, Ayeza Khan and Amna Ilyas has been the talk of the town for a while now. But what started off this dispute? Let’s walk you through it!

It all began when an old clip of Ilyas made rounds on social media in which she pointed out how the former Pakistani model Aaminah Haq has gained weight and become fat in a rather ghastly manner.

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At first, Ilyas denied that it was her. Then later, she posted a rather dramatic video on her Instagram to clarify that she did not body shame anyone. Instead of apologizing to the senior model, the Baaji starlet unapologetically shared how she has always been a bully.

More so, Ilyas narrated all the instances from her childhood to reveal that body-shaming was not the only thing she was guilty of-  since she was going to be judged for her past anyway,

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Netizens continued to bash Ilyas over her hypocrisy and double standards. Turns out, she is not only a hypocrite but also a shameless bully. Several commented on the clip demanding an apology, with many calling her ‘arrogant’ for not owning up to her mistakes by saying ‘I’m not her’.

In addition to this, the Mere Paas Tum Ho actress Ayeza Khan also jumped on the bandwagon and criticized the model in the comment section. Khan extended her best wishes to the model-cum-actors Ilyas. Moreover, stating that it took a lot of hard work for Ilyas to build her career, Khan advised her to stop indulging in such controversies.

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