The Undertaker’s 1 deadMAN Performance Has Left Him Amazed

Now that The Undertaker is retired and Mark Callaway is touring with a one-man show about his illustrious career and iconic role, he has a very different view on the character. During a recent episode of Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson, The Undertaker expressed his surprise that his persona meant so much to so many people and that they were interested in learning th details of some of the most significant events in his career.

“It’s incredible,” said the Undertaker. The number of people that approach me and tell me, “If it weren’t for you and Monday Night Raw, I wouldn’t have made it, “It’s fantastic, said Undertaker. “How many people approach me and say, ‘If it wasn’t for you and Monday Night Raw, I wouldn’t have made it?” The affection that the Undertaker has experienced at the meet-and-greets that precede his act has left him speechless and humbled.

The WWE Hall of Famer continued by telling a story about a Philadelphia-based fan who described how the weekly storylines had helped her deal with her depression. She said that her desire to find out what would happen next had ultimately saved her life because it outweighed her desire to end her life. The former WWE Champion recently lamented the death of kayfabe, lamenting the fact that too many fans are more preoccupied with “the dirt” and politics of the industry than with the wrestling or the stories.

Why the Undertaker decided to work with Dr. Disrespect?

Despite the fact that Undertaker is now much more open about the inner workings of the professional wrestling business than he once was. On the fan’s rumour-driven desires, Undertaker added, “I don’t particularly like it but there’s nothing I can do about it. The Undertaker enjoys enormous popularity outside of WWE. The Phenom appeared at a number of shows and events outside of WWE after his retirement. His most unexpected appearance of the whole thing was when he collaborated with renowned video game streamer Dr. Disrespect.

A former vice president of WWE recently disclosed Taker’s readiness for this partnership. Furthermore, Taker had made a contentious claim about not enjoying video games before meeting the doctor. Rob Klingman recently spoke in an interview about The Undertaker’s decision to work with Dr. Disrespect in spite of The Deadman’s distaste for video games. Klingman is currently the VP of Marketing Operations at G Fuel and previously held the position of Vice President of All Sponsorship Sales at WWE.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.