The Undertaker Makes An Intriguing Disclosure About His Action Figure Collection 

Previously in July, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker made appearances Tommaso Ciampa, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes, & WWE’s resident Queen of the Ring, Zelina Vega at WWE and Mattel’s San Diego Comic-Con panel. Mattel announced upcoming WWE Action Figures during the panel before carrying a Question and answer session with the superstars in attendees.

During the Conversation, The Undertaker was questioned an intriguing question and reacted with an even more intriguing answer. When asked if he had an action figure collection, The Undertaker replied, I have all action figure that has ever done of me. This was shocking from The Undertaker, given that Matt Cardona revealed last year that The Undertaker will indeed kick him out of the dressing room if he mentioned wrestling action figures or even other toys.

300 Action Figures

It was incredible to have one action figure, whereas to be able to step on at least 20 in the midst of the night is insane. The Undertaker, of course, had ended up spending the last thirty years of his life in the WWE and had numerous action figures from the various toy companies with which WWE has partnered. Undertaker also stated that he had a hot tub full of figures that his two-year-old might play with.

Undertaker has already had nearly 300 action figures created of him since Hasbro published his first figure in 1992. A few of the more notable ones are The Undertaker’s SummerSlam 1999 Jakks character, a LJN rubber style figure released by Jakks in the mid-2000s, Mattel’s Elite Series figures, and, most lately, his Matt Ultimate Edition figure released kayfabe brother, Kane. They perhaps recently published a Mean Mark Calloway figure! Of course, The Deadman’s Ultimate Edition Undertaker will not be his last figure, as he has figures planned for years to come.

Flair’s Final Match

Flair’s final match was only one of a few major headlines in recent months, with the biggest of them all likely being Vince McMahon stepping down and retiring from all roles he held within WWE this past Friday when he tweeted out that he was stepping down following allegations of hush money against him.

Ric Flair, a two-time WWE Hall of Famer and 16-time World Champion, has commented on the potential of Vince McMahon joining his July 31st match. Flair stated, “I’m trying to get Vince to come to Nashville right now.” I’d like him to roast me. He definitely have enough in the real life! ‘ You stupid son of a b*tch, these heels don’t draw. Never bring a lawyer to my office. I dislike lawyers. Who are all these two scumbags?

McMahon resigned as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors less than 2 months ago. He finally retired from all jobs in the company on Friday, which include his position as head of creative. Stephanie McMahon & Nick Khan, Vince’s girl, have chosen to take over as co-CEOs of WWE, and Stephanie’s husband and 14-time World Champion, Triple H, has taken over as the company’s creative director.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.