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The Stunt Double of Andrew Garfield Clears Up the Amazing Spider-Man 3 Confusion

William Spencer, Andrew Garfield’s Marvel stunt double, clarifies whether or not The Amazing Spider-Man 3 will be made.

Garfield tried his shot at portraying Peter Parker after Tobey Maguire brought Spider-Man to the big screen and before Tom Holland revived the character for the MCU.

He starred as Peter Parker in both of Sony’s Spider-Man films, which were a mixed bag in terms of quality and box office success. Garfield’s portrayal was divisive at the time, but in recent years, more and more people have come out in support of the actor.

Andrew Garfield Clears Up the Amazing Spider-Man 3

That resulted in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which was released recently. Garfield’s high-profile cameo in the film was easily the most anticipated aspect, despite his best efforts to keep it quiet. Garfield’s Peter was able to stand beside Holland and Maguire in No Way Home’s multiversal idea, giving him a second chance to bring glory to his version of the character.

Fans reacted positively, praising Garfield on social media and asking Sony to make The Amazing Spider-Man 3 as soon as possible. The talk of a third solo Spider-Man film starring Garfield has only grown in the weeks since No Way Home, and it appeared to reach a fever pitch on Wednesday.

For all three of Garfield’s Spider-Man performances, William Spencer acted as his stunt double. He was recently inundated with fan queries about The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and when one fan congratulated him on “TASM3,” he simply replied, “thank you so much.” This has been seen by many as confirmation that Sony is working on The Amazing Spider-Man 3 with Garfield on board.

Spencer then clarified the situation, saying that he thought the fan was talking to No Way Home, and that TASM 3 is not currently in the works.

Even if The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is being considered by Sony, Spencer is unlikely to be involved at this time. Years ago, the company planned to make a third Spider-Man feature with Garfield, but the second film’s lackluster response killed it.

Fans are excited about Garfield’s depiction of Spider-Man right now, but with Sony launching its own Marvel world, fitting in another Amazing Spider-Man film would require careful study and preparation. Garfield might not even be interested in doing it. At the moment, all news is tainted by anticipation for No Way Home, so it’s unclear if The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is even a feasible alternative.

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