‘The Sandman’ Had an An Incredible 10-Day Opening On Netflix

‘The Sandman’ had one of the best Season 1 debuts for an English-language show on Netflix in the beginning of August. Morpheus is sent on the road to hell in Neil Gaiman’s eagerly anticipated TV series finale as Lucifer and his foes approach him.

The Sandman is only the fourth new show in 2022 to have a perfect week on Netflix’s Top 10 charts. Additionally, since its debut, the show has been at #1 or #2 on the Top 10 list every single day. But those figures didn’t really convey the whole picture. The Sandman racked almost 198 million global watch hours in its first ten days on Netflix.

So far since Netflix started disclosing these figures in June 2021, The Sandman has been one of the most successful Netflix premieres.

Back in 2013, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was slated to produce, star in, and direct an adaptation for the big screen. In June 2019, Netflix inked a contract to create a television show. It seemed improbable that we would ever get to see the drama unfold on screen because the production had taken so many detours.

Other Shows With A Great 10-Day Debut

Only Inventing Anna and Maid, two other English-language programs, had greater 10-day debuts with their initial seasons. Since Netflix began disclosing such information, the following are the top 5 highest 10-day totals:

  1. Inventing Anna – 273.3 million hours
  2. Maid – 227.6 million hours
  3. The Sandman – 198 million hours
  4. Vikings: Valhalla – 194 million hours
  5. Sex/Life – 156.6 million hours

To see how far ahead The Sandman places compared to some tough competitors is pretty amazing. No other program has been able to surpass 160 million hours of watch time since Vikings: Valhalla. The Sandman is now in some very exclusive company.

It’s not shocking that The Sandman didn’t achieve the amazing success of Maid and Inventing Anna. The previous program spent 65 consecutive days on the U.S. Top 10 charts (the sixth-longest streak ever), including 14 straight days at the top (something only 15 other shows have done). Squid Game and You prevented Maid from ever topping the domestic charts, but the program did manage to spend 82 days in the Top 10 instead (the 11th-most ever).

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