The Rock and His Family Tested Positive for COVID-19

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shared some unfortunate news about him and his family. He tested positive for coronavirus along with his immediate family.

The Rock took to his social media to update his fans that he has tested positive and so has his family. He said it is by far the most challenging thing he has gone through and it has also come across as a shock.

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Dwayne said he, his wife, Lauren, and their 2 young girls, Tiana and Jasmine are on the other side of the virus and have recovered. He informed that his children were asymptomatic and were able to bounce back to normal almost immediately.

In the 11-minute long video, he said the family’s commitment to health and fitness is what helped them go through that quite easily. He said they picked up the virus from close family and friends. The Rock also said they were lucky enough to stop the spread of the virus and quarantine.

Dwayne started the video by saying he wanted to give a helpful update on the things that have been happening since the past month. “So the update is this: my wife Lauren as well as my two baby girls and myself, we have all tested positive for COVID-19,” Johnson shared.

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He continued, “I could tell you that this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we have ever had to endure as a family, and for me, too, personally as well…And I’ve gone through some doozies in the past.”

“Commit to wellness. Wear your mask.”

The Rock clarified that testing positive for Coronavirus is different than overcoming an injury, being evicted, or being broke. He said that protecting his family has always been his number one priority. Dwayne said that he and his family are good and that they are on the other side of it. He also acknowledged how lucky his family is, as many others have lost their loved ones because of the virus.

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In the video, Dwayne also mentions how strict he was about following the rules and staying at home. He said he has implemented new rules for his family so that they stay safe. The Rock also revealed he used to have family and friends come over to his house but assured that he would be testing everybody who comes in.

He also encouraged his fans to wear masks and improve their immunity during this time. He also wrote in his caption, “My message to all of you around the ????Stay disciplined. Boost your immune system. Commit to wellness. Wear your mask. Protect your family. Be strict about having people over your house or gatherings. Stay positive. And care for your fellow human beings. Stay healthy, my friends.”

Celebrities like Bryan Cranston, Usain Bolt, Antonio Banderas, Tom Hanks, and many more have tested positive and have battled the virus. Dwayne is the latest celebrity to have joined the list of people.


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