The Real Reason Why Ludwig Quit Twitch To Join YouTube Gaming

Famous Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren announced that he will be joining YouTube Gaming in an exclusive deal recently. After being on Twitch for three years, such a decision from Ludwig certainly shocked his fans and the streaming community in general.

However, Ludwig has now revealed the truth behind his move to YouTube Gaming. In his latest video on YouTube titled “Why I left Twitch”, the social media influencer talks about his latest decision and what him take it.

‘I’m A Twitch Guy’

Ludwig rose to fame with his entertaining and engaging streams on Twitch. Just like many other Twitch streamers recently, Ludwig have also moved his base to YouTube gaming now. He said that money was not the only reason behind the decision.

“I’m a Twitch guy, there are people out there who think of Twitch and think of me,” he commented. “When I think of my own identity, I think of Twitch!”

“Like, I love streaming,” Ludwig said frther. “But what actually makes me the happiest is just making dope s**t, making things that I think are cool – and hopefully some others do too. Things like Mogul Money, things like the Christmas album, the kickball tournament.”

‘Biggest Website In The World’

“And I realized, in that moment, that even though I’ve been with Twitch for three-plus years, even though people have called me the ‘golden boy’ of Twitch, I’ve never felt particularly loved by Twitch. I love Twitch, but it hasn’t been a two-way street.”

Ludwig also called YouTube the “biggest website in the world for posting content” and said that he did have a few fears before joining YouTube Gaming exclusively. However, we all know the power that YouTube holds and how it can positively impact Ludwig’s career moving forward.

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