The Pizza Delivery Driver is More Qualified Than the Food App Driver

Sometimes we get lost in the beauty and feel of a perfectly crafted app.

A great UI/UX can make a company with 1 employee look better than a company with 1,000. I think people look past who delivers their food when they order from an App because of the power of beautiful design and experience conveys trust and assurance. Afterall, Perception is Reality. It can distract us from facts and statics we didn’t even bother to access during the dopamine rush from a great online experience.

But times are changing and we should reflect on who’s actually behind the app or facilitating the service we click and request.

Independent studies show that 1 in 4 Delivery App Drivers sample our food

How could these apps allow this to happen? Their supervisor must be sleeping on the job if 25% are eating our food — right? Well, they don’t have supervisors, they have local groups on social media where they chat, but no one watching them. But it still begs the question, why are so many of these Drivers engaging in such behavior? Simple. Getting the job is easy, it’s an impersonal process and it requires no real verification or licensing.

Straight from UberEat’s website:

However, PizzaHut, Domino’s etc. all have thorough standards.

Let’s not forget about another big factor in cleanliness, as we need to focus on this. Coronavirus is spreading, and App Delivery drivers bounce from door to door and open the door handles to dozens of restaurants per day. When a Restaurant employs its own driver, that person is opening two door handles – the Restaurant and their Car.

Now during this time of crisis, why are Restaurants replacing the trained staff on food handling with random drivers to bring food from kitchen to customer. Something worth reflecting on during these times.

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