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Brandon Carter talks about getting bullied in Military School and finding refuge in fitness

One of the most challenging things you can experience as a child or teenager is getting bullied, and it’s even worse when it’s based on your physical appearance. It takes a strong person to prove these bullies wrong.

Brandon Carter did just that during his time in military school. 

“I was one of the only black kids there, and I was bullied a lot,” Carter said. “I’d get called “nigger” all the time, I would get in fights, but always lose.”

After a while, Brandon couldn’t deal with it anymore. The only way he could fight back was to train and get stronger. He worked with Aaron Mohammed over the summer, who was a family friend. Mohammed now works with celebrity clients like Steve Harvey. It took tons of time and energy, but Carter wanted to be the best and strongest he could be.

“When I went back to school, ready to fight, nobody messed with me,” Carter said. “In fact, the kids who used to beat me up began asking me for fitness advice.”

Brandon didn’t just want to use his fitness to psych out his bullies. He used it as a refuge, and it built into a passion and a desire to help others. After he graduated from school, he chose to build a career in the fitness industry. In 2008, Carter took his fitness empire online. Since then, he has built a following of over 3 million fans between his FacebookInstagram, and YouTube channel

On his Instagram and Facebook, he posts pictures of his body and offers health advice to his followers, especially related to diet and fitness. Then on YouTube, he offers many exercise routines that people can do from their homes to achieve success in physical fitness.

In addition, one of Carter’s most exciting accomplishments is making it onto the 2020 season of American Ninja Warrior. He often shares glimpses of his training regime on social media platforms and keeps his fans posted on what he needs to do to get ready for the competition.

Carter also works to help other personal trainers to build their personal brands online. 

“I know how hard it is to make it as a personal trainer,” Brandon said. “I think clients should have options to find the right trainer for them, so I want more trainers to break out and help people get fit.”

Brandon Carter has come a long way since his time getting bullied in military school. However, he still carries that fire with him and uses it to help others.

Harish Pednekar

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