The Only Destination Kevin Durant Would Be Enticed To Land On Doesn't Even Exist!

The Only Destination Kevin Durant Would Be Enticed To Land On Doesn’t Even Exist!

The Brooklyn Nets are in a predicament with both their superstars wanting out of the franchise but neither of them aren’t going anywhere due to the set asking price for both the players. Neither Kyrie Irving nor Kevin Durant are finding the correct home to go to. In Kyrie’s case no team wants him apart from the Lakers who are also in an if-if- situation. For Durant it is the return that they are seeking from the franchise he would be going to.

A lot of destinations had popped up like the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat, but neither teams had sent an offer to the Nets. There is however one team where Durant would love to end his career in and maybe win a championship for the franchise. That franchise is the Seattle SuperSonics.

Most people might not be knowing that it wasn’t the Oklahoma City Thunder who drafted Durant, it was Seattle. At that time the franchise was getting shifted from Seattle to Oklahoma City so Seattle fans got only one season of Durant’s greatness.

The NBA thinking about Seattle

Lately however, the NBA is trying to bring back the Seattle team along with another team in Las Vegas. Commissioner Adam Silver had recently sited the attempts to expand he league into 32 teams with new teams from Vegas and Seattle.

So if Seattle SuperSonics were to come into existence within the next year or two, Durant would surely be heading to that franchise. For the Sonics, they would not have anything to lose in order to acquire Durant from the Nets and they would definitely be going through with their picks.

Paolo Banchero wishes

Recently Paolo Banchero had also chimed in on the Seattle issue. He said that they deserved a team and the fans were great at the time of their existence. It is true considering that the day Seattle lost their team, they have been protesting in order to get their team back. On top of that Seattle had a championship to their name as well.

The Sonics had a great culture imbibed in them and as for their picks they never were shorthanded and had some excellent players. So having Durant as the face of the franchise after being reinstated would be the fastest way they will gather audience. What’s ore is that Durant was Seattle’s pick so having him would definitely bode well for both Durant and Seattle. It may be a pipe dream but one that the city of Seattle yearns for.

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