The Los Angeles Lakers Continue To Prove Their Incompetence

The Los Angeles Lakers Continue To Prove Their Incompetence

It seems like the Los Angeles Lakers have finally lost their plot. The Lakers have had such a lackluster season, not even making it into the play-in tournament. On top of that just 2 years prior, they were the NBA Champions. This just makes the situation even worse as the Lakers are a franchise who have only one mission that is to win championships. The fans would have cut some slack if they would have made the playoff, but not even making it into the Play-In tournament is just a sign of worse things to come.

The Lakers’ 2021-22 season

This season, the Lakers were very dysfunctional as they could not get any chemistry going within the locker room. It is no wonder that they finished lower than 50% winning percentage. Plus, LeBron James has had one of his best scoring performances in his career averaging 30.3 points per game. On the flip side, Russell Westbrook has the worst season of his entire career.

While that is true for those superstars, Anthony Davis who is supposed to be the primary scorer was a no show as he is sidelined with injury for the majority of the season. This gave very limited option to head coach Frank Vogel to play the roster accordingly. He had to change the roster the most number of times this season to get an appropriate playing 5 on the floor and that has certainly not worked out.

Search for a coach

After the season ended, the Lakers took a major step of firing head coach Frank Vogel. But they did it without having any other target in their minds. They are now listing off one coach after another ho could coach the team to championship. But there are no notable championship-level coaches that they have scoured. Some of the coaches they are pursuing are Terry Stotts, Kenny Atkinson and Darvin Ham.

Terry Stotts

Terry Stotts was a head coach for the Portland Trail Blazers before Chauncey Billups took over. Stotts has never seen the NBA Finals and the highest he has ever gotten is the Western Conference Finals in 2018-19. His resume isn’t nearly as impressive as Frank Vogel’s to be made the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kenny Atkinson

Kenny Atkinson isn’t any different either. His resume is even more sparse as he has been the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets for only 4 years and has led the team to the playoffs only twice. Having him coaching the Lakers is only leading to one place and that is the bottom three.

Darvin Ham

Darvin Ham was mostly a role player in his career and has won the NBA Championship with the 2004 Detroit Pistons as a bench player. His coaching career is unknown as it is said that he has only been an assistant coach at best. Of course the Lakers cannot expect anything from him.

What the Lakers should sought after

Such is the Lakers situation. The Lakers front office has been the absolute worse in the League. They are looking for coaches who never have the experience to coach a championship caliber team. Plus with so much personalities in the Lakers’ roster, they will become the ones who will get coached.

The Lakers need a coach who has a voice of his own and lots of experience under his belt. They can take a risk and hope that somebody like Phil Jackson would appear but that is simply unrealistic and very hopeful. There is still time for the next season to start and they should take their approach really steadily as the coach will basically decide the next season for the Lakers.

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