The Kardashians Season 2 New Teaser Addresses ‘Out-Of-Hand’ Narrative Of The Family

The Kardashians Season one was totally fun! The fans await the new season as it will bring more drama to the show.

In the first trailer, we got glimpses of what season 2 will be all about. The audience will finally get to see the favorite ex- couple on screens. Pete Davidson is all set to make his debut this season. Also, there is some suspense around Kris Jenner, which will be addressed in the upcoming season.

Yesterday, Hulu released a new teaser for The Kardashians season 2. The teaser was quite short like 15 seconds. It focused on how people’s perception of the family is never changing.

The teaser starts with glimpses of the Kardashian family, setting up for an interview. The scene changes, Kim says “I’ve always wanted people to see who I really am”.

As the teaser proceeds further we see glimpses of the stardom of the Kardashians and the premiere scenes. Kendall Jenner, in the teaser, addresses the narrative of the Kardashian family in people’s minds. She says, ” The narrative is so out of hand about me and my family, there is just no changing it “.

Khloé tells Kim “We’re built for this” and the teaser ends with a lovely hug between both sisters.

Where The Story Stands Of the Kardashians Sisters In New Season?

In the previous season, fans were disappointed as Kylie didn’t have much screentime on the show. She was pregnant in the last season, and this season Kris will finally get her 11th grandchild.

Kendall’s story had less time in the previous season. As Kris was encouraging her to give her grandkids. This season she addresses the pressure she feels from birth control moment.

Khloé had heartbreak last season, due to Tristan cheating on her. This season we see her focusing on her child and Blac Chyna’s $100M lawsuit will also be the part, this time.

Season one was all about Kourtney & Travis’s love. It continues and the family will be all set for wedding shenanigans.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s happy relationship will also be a part of this season.

This season will also address what unknown medical condition Kris Jenner is suffering from. As in the first teaser, we hear her saying ” I can’t tell my kids, I’m scared. They have enough problems. They don’t need to worry about mom.”

The Kardashians Season 2 will be released on 22nd September 2022.

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