The Inspiring Journey of Teenage Actress Naya Federman

Naya Federman is just 18 years old, and has already achieved more than most people will in a lifetime. Her path to greatness started at the tender age of 8, as she was featured in the critically acclaimed classic musical, The Jungle Book. Only 4 years later, she attained her first movie role in Guavas, which served as a launchpad for Naya to be featured in three summer movie hits: GestaOn the Edge, and The Treasure Across the River. Among Naya’s many other tremendous achievements, she recorded the theme song for Disney’s Princess Repunzel for the widely-known T.V. series, Tangled. Naya also played Debbie on the popular stage musical hit, Billy Elliot. She also starred in the famous Nickelodeon T.V. show, Dog House, appearing in three seasons in this worldwide sensation. Out of all of her dazzling appearances, Naya liked Dog House the most, she found a lot of enjoyment in working with the cast and director, the laughs and camaraderie she shared with the crew is reflective of her stunning on screen performance.

Naya’s role model has always been her countrywoman, Natalie Portman. Naya was enthralled by Portman’s incredible performance in Leon: The Professional, leading Naya to make a promise to herself, that she would follow in her idol’s footsteps and get a shot at the big screen. Facing the difficult hurdles of rejection are commonplace in her industry, and although dealing with rejection can be frustrating, Naya has never let these obstacles stop her from chasing her dream. 

There was a specific part in an international hit drama series that Naya strongly desired, and even though she felt her audition was spot on during her callback, another actress was chosen over her because of matching limitations. Many actresses don’t deal well with rejections, as this can obliterate their confidence for future roles. This was not the case with Naya, as her unrelenting determination and belief in herself created many more opportunities for the rising star. Naya is currently being represented by the ADD Content Agency and has a variety of intriguing projects she is currently involved in.

As Naya’s fame grows, she wants to be like many famous celebrities and use her platform to be a voice for humanitarian crises, as well as many other global issues she deeply cares about. Naya’s fame will undoubtedly grow, and her voice will surely be heard around the world when she speaks about issues like child abuse, and other recurring issues that Naya seeks to put under the spotlight for public awareness. She hopes she can make a substantial impact with her performance on T.V., or the big screen, which will enable her to shed light, and foster positive change for the humanitarian issues close to her heart.

Notwithstanding the many obstacles facing the industry in the midst of a global pandemic, Naya is expected to be back on set in October, performing in a drama movie which is slated for release in 2021. Like many famous actors and actresses, she started acting at a young age, and Naya Federman is sure to be a household name in the near future.


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