Sydney Blank Has The Vegan Skincare Line That’s Perfect For The Holidays

The Holiday season is here, and this can be a stressful time for everyone. There is so much to be done before loved ones gather together, but, of course, there seems to not be enough hours in a day. On top of all the chaos and rushing, the cold weather is settling in across the United States. All of these factors can be really rough on physical health, and it shows in our appearance. For those who want to look and feel their best before the family reunion, CEO and Founder of SkinBySyd, Sydney Blank, has a solution.

Blank, an established model, has always been cautious about her skin. The modeling industry is extremely stressful, considering Blank was paid to look impeccable at all times. This was not always easy because she often sat in the makeup chair, having makeup caked on, then stripped off. Within her first few years of modeling professionally in New York City, Blank learned to bring her own supply of makeup and cleansers, ones that were less aggravating to her skin. The consistent use of the same few natural-based products versus multiple different brands saved her skin.

People on the streets would stop Blank and ask for her secret, to which she would always reply, “skin by me, Syd.” This had a nice ring to it and motivated Blank to start her own skincare brand, one that everyone could use.

“When I finally found the right lab, I started testing every ingredient right away,” Blank said. “I tested every sample on myself, and some weren’t that nice; some caused a breakout, and I would have to start over, but that was the point…If it made me break out, then I definitely wouldn’t want anyone else using it.”

The skincare brand SkinBySyd is totally organic, cruelty, paraben, and fragrance-free. Blank was avid about creating a clean, vegan line because she knew the consequences of unnatural ingredients. SkinBySyd is for all skin types and genders and has a complete regime with all the essentials and some bonus products to get skin glowing and flawless.

“If people think vegan skincare is too weak and will not work for them, they have to take into consideration our skin is very delicate and can not constantly take hash chemicals always being applied on their skin,” Blank said. “Long-term use can damage the skin completely.”

So, for those looking for an effective, nonirritating fix before the holidays, SkinBySyd is the brand to try. You’ll have your relatives in awe.


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