The Crown’s Emma Corrin Discusses Being Cast As Princess Diana

Emma Corrin has opened up about being cast as Princess Diana in Netflix’s hit series, The Crown. She revealed that her brother told her she was a perfect fit for the role of the Princess.

The actress shared that her brother had said that two years before she was cast in the Netflix series. She talked about her brother’s intuition in her interview with Variety in their iHeart podcast. The Crown alum explained that her brother shared his support for her decision to take the part back in 2017.

She said, “I remember being on holiday with my family maybe when the second season of The Crown had come out and I remember them joking about who was going to play Princess Diana.” The actress further shared, “One of my brothers was like, ‘You should play Princess Diana’”. She shared that she was at university at the time and she said it will happen in her wildest dreams only.

Emma expressed how strange it is to think back on those moments now. She made her debut in The Crown’s fourth installment. The actress is playing the younger version of the beloved Princess Diana. The season focused on the turbulent marriage of the Princess with Prince Charles.

She won critical acclaim for her performance as the late Princess Diana in the Netflix series. However, the casting directors did not initially see her as the person for the role. They watched her play against the other actresses and realized she was the perfect fit for the role. Director Robert Sterne revealed that the tense lunch scene between Princess Diana and Emerald Fennell’s Camilla was used as an audition scene.

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“It is very clearly a dramatized version of events.”

The Emmy-winning director shared that usually he decides to read in all these meetings but they decided not to because it was a major scene. This is the reason why they decided on having somebody come in for Diana. He shared that they asked Emma to come in without thinking about casting her as Diana.

Robert further shared, “But as she was reading with these Camillas, all the directors and the showrunner were looking more at her and not at the people playing Camilla—who will remain Robert explained, “But as she was reading with these Camillas, all the directors and the showrunner were looking more at her and not at the people playing Camilla—who will remain nameless, of course.” He explained a year later when they thought about casting someone as Diana, she was in his notes.

This revelation comes after Emma said; she understands the request by the Culture Secretary to include a disclaimer to the newest series. The actress explained that the show does not require a warning; as fans are already aware that the drama is “very clearly” a dramatized version of events.

Oliver Dowden also called out the series and wanted The Crown to state that it is clearly a work of fiction. However, Netflix insisted the show is billed as a drama which means a disclaimer isn’t needed.

Emma also opened up about the disclaimer row as she said, “It is very clearly a dramatized version of events”. She shared her co-star, Josh O’Connor’s claims that viewers are well aware of the series being a work of fiction. The actress added that it is fictitious and said it is the same way; people don’t mistake Succession for what actually happened with the Murdochs.

“I also understand [the request] comes from a place of sensitivity and protectiveness of the Royal Family and Diana,” she explained.

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