The Boyz’ Sunwoo Loses Calm After Being Body-Shamed By Fan

A ‘fan’ had to face the wrath of Sunwoo, one of the members of The Boyz KPOP band.

The Boyz band cane to being by the efforts of Cre.ker Entertainment. The KPOP group debuted on December 6, 2017 with the lead single “Boy” from their debut EP The First.

Recently, Sunwoo lost his cool on a fan who told him to start dieting and lose weight. All of this took place on a paid and private messaging service that is used by fans to connect with their favorite celebrities.

What Did He Say?

After reading the fan message, Sunwoo took to the Universe app and sent out a message lashing out at the body-shaming comment. The message of Sunwoo translated from Korean to English below:

Sunwoo via the Universe App

“Why in the world did someone tell me to go on a diet ke. I mean telling me to work out would be different. Are you pretty? Well not everyone can be like you,” the KPOP singer said.

Sunwoo Apologizes

However, being the sweetheart that he is, Sunwoo returned to the Universe app after a while and apologized for his ‘impulse reaction’. Here is what he said while offering an apology:

“I’m sorry I picked out some issues that I could have just let by, but instead I made you all uncomfortable. It’s not as if they were attacking me as a person, if you think about it, they were expressing an opinion but I took it too sensitively and called it out, I don’t know why I did that.”

Netizens feel that Sunwoo shouldn’t have apologized because someone who body-shames him and asks him to go on a diet can never be a true The Boyz fan.

What is your take on the whole story? Was the apology from the KPOP singer justified or he did the right think snapping back at the fan who body-shamed him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments


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