Artist Of The Month Juyeon Dances To Billie Eilish’s Song, THE BOYZ Fans Dub Video ‘Insane’

Studio Choom has released its popular ‘Artist of the Month’ series again. Their YouTube channels boast of full 4K quality performance and choreography videos. Their new ‘Be Original’ has pushed up the K-Pop content channel.

Fans eagerly wait for their idols to promote their releases on Studio Choom. This concept enables selected group members and soloists to shine with original choreography. September’s Artis of the Month is Juyeon of The Boyz and he was dancing to Billie Eilish’s You Should See Me In A Crown.

In August, Chaeryeong from Itzy was the Artist of the month. Juyeon’s version was already talked about when its teaser launched on September 15. The singer was seen in a mullet and fans have never seen him perform with that hairdo. They were ecstatic and in the video, it seemed as if he has two personas. One was his past self that struggled through an artist’s block and the current self was fighting for dominance with the current self.

Juyeon explained why he selected that song to perform. The artist said it was because he wanted to use the reverberation in his dance and his transitions which he executed flawlessly. He also added that dance is liberating for him as it frees his mind from cluttered thoughts. His present self was donning a slicked back hairdo as he emerged victoriously wearing a suit.

Juyeon’s Fans Say He Is The Main Character

The artist intricately used other elements to tell his story with choreography. The detailed gestures small or big and even the lighting played a significant role. The first half was as if he was a puppet and had no control of himself with a single spotlight. Meanwhile, the other half saw him highlighted in red.

His fans were excited as they trended ‘you should see me in a crown’. They expressed how much the artist has grown and come this far. Fans said he will be the main character and beamed proudly at their idol. A user said, “Jaw is literally on the floor juyeon has such great control over his body from his sharp yet isolated movements to his facial expressions ,, just down to every detail HES INSANE.”

Another fan wrote,  “Juyeon, you will always be the main character. not just September’s, but every single day. proud of you.”


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