The art of multitasking as a mother, TV host and entrepreneur with lifestyle influencer Ami Desai

Who do you think has the most difficult job in the world? Is it a proctologist or a construction worker? Is it helping people and the state as a politician or the responsibility of saving lives as a doctor? Sure, these are all challenging positions, but none of them are as difficult as being a mother. The first one to rise and start the day and the last one to rest at the end of it. A mother is expected to not only take care of her children but also the house and her husband.

Furthermore, if she is a working woman, then one more responsibility gets added to that list. During these stressful times of living during a pandemic, mothers all over the world are under duress as they need to go the extra mile in taking care of themselves and everyone else in their family. Meet Ami Desai, a mother who is not only taking care of her responsibilities at home but also running a successful business and being a television host.

Desai is a first-generation Indian American whose parents migrated to the States from Gujarat, India. As a teen, she was bitten by the entertainment bug and showed an inclination towards the showbiz industry. She holds a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the famed Boston University. Desai started her career in entertainment by being a television producer for E! Entertainment and later went on to work with Inside Edition and CNN. Her breakthrough came while working as a host on Oprah Winfrey’s The OWN Show. She was also a part of Oprah’s first-ever travel show, ‘The Life You Want Tour.’ On her journey as a host, Ami says. “While growing up, I was a misfit due to my ethnicity. I felt the need to break the stereotype that Indians cannot make it in entertainment. I found solace in storytelling and worked my way up.” Besides, Desai is also a make-up expert and has made numerous brides look beautiful on their special day. Currently, she is pregnant with her third child, yet she continues to work while also taking care of the house and kids. She has over 92k followers on Instagram, where she shares easy make-up hacks and glimpses of her beautiful family.

No matter how many hardships a mother has to go through, there is no better feeling than becoming one. And someone wise once said, “Life does not come with an instructions manual. But it comes with a mother”.