The 76ers Have No Response For The Heat As They Trail 0-2

The 76ers Have No Response For The Heat As They Trail 0-2

With a disappointing loss in Game 1, the Philadelphia 76ers aim to change the momentum of the series to their favor by bagging Game 2. The Miami Heat have a different plan for their opponents as they aim to take extend their lead in the series and put as much pressure as they can before the ace of the 76ers shows up.

The Miami Heat are still without their point guard in Kyle Lowry so they went with their starting lineup of Gabe Vincent, Max Strus, Jimmy Butler, PJ Tucker and Bam Adebayo. The Philadelphia 76ers started with James Harden, Tyrese Maxey, Danny Green, Tobias Harris and DeAndre Jordan.

Game Summary

From the opening tip itself, both teams locked their horns to get ahead of one another. It was the 76ers who started with their assault but the Heat kept close. The Heat had their defense focused on the perimeter with Adebayo guarding the paint. The 76ers had their defense set up quite similar to
Heat. But the Heat had more of an advantage in the offensive end and that too without their star point guard.

In the 2nd quarter, it was a head to head battle between Tyler Herro and James Harden. The two guards were pushing each other and they were taking on most of the scoring duties for their teams. Yet the Heat secured a lead at the end of the 1st half with a score of 60-52.

Once the 3rd quarter started, the battle shifted between the rookie from Philly, Tyrese Maxey and Miami’s star Jimmy Butler. They both slashed towards the rim and took shots which benefitted the team. They were putting the points on the board but the difference was that Butler was getting his teammates involved as well.

The Heat had built up a considerable amount of lead to separate themselves from the 76ers. Harden again disappeared from the court as it seemed he was not being able to get his shots up and neither was he calling for the ball.

Watching Harden struggle, Maxey and Harris took on the helm in the 4th quarter to cut the deficit. The Heat was taking none of that as Victor Oladipo and Bam Adebayo went to work and prolong the damage they inflicted on the scoreline. The 76ers did not give up but the Heat were simply too strong for them.

Box Score

Bam Adebayo led the Heat in scoring with 23 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal. Jimmy Butler supported him with a double-double of 22 points, 12 assists, 6 rebounds and 2 steals. Victor Oladipo came off the bench to light up with 19 points, 6 rebounds and an assist. Tyler Herro also provided a spark off the bench with 18 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and a block.

For the 76ers, Tyrese Maxey stepped up big time with 34 points, 3 rebounds, an assist and 2 steals. Tobias Harris supported him with 21 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals. James Harden again disappeared in the 2nd half as he put up just 20 points, 4 rebounds and 9 assists.

Takeaways from Game 2

The Miami Heat takes Game 2 as well with a scoreline of 119-103. The Heat now have extended their lead to 2-0 in the series. Despite the 76ers trio scoring more than 20 points, it still has not been enough to overcome the Heat yet. They need their ace, Joel Embiid who pulls the team together. Also James Harden needs to man up and take over the game like he used to if they want to stand a chance.

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