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Tech-Advancement Marathon begin to build Quantum Computers

Realm of big business with tech giants such as Google, IBM, and Intel are developing quantum tech hardware as their interest in quantum computing’s commercial possibilities. Recent milestone by Google in developing Quantum Tech supremacy has triggered their business rivals. Given the competitive global scenario, oblique responses came from world leading tech organisations duking it out the future of fast computing. Scientists are considering this as turning point that has proven the superiority of quantum computers over classical computers.

Tech War – World response

For countries such as the United States and China, investment in quantum tech can help solidify technological leadership or leapfrog a rival’s traditional technological advantages. Despite IBM disputing Google’s quantum supremacy claim, several independent researchers pointed out that the Sycamore device’s performance time of 200 seconds surpassing the performance of conventional devices and still represents a significant speedup. Intel praised Google work by press release. Researchers from Chinese university have published their own paper presenting another approach. They have challenged to achieve quantum superiority by the end of 2020.

Google originally had two teams working in parallel on the 54-qubit Sycamore and a larger 72-qubit device called “Bristlecone”. Sycamore device handily tackled the task of random quantum circuit sampling in just 200 seconds. Article published in Nature Journal by Google team claimed success of their work. Google’s estimates suggest that the same test computation would have probably taken 10,000 years on the world’s most powerful computer.

China and European countries are trying to close the technological gap with the United States

The concept of quantum computing is inspiring our scientists, including engineers, physicists and computer scientists, to fundamentally change the landscape of information technology. Competitive environment would better help to compare classical computing with quantum computing. Overall, any advance among all the competing quantum computing efforts represents good news for the technology field.

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