T'Challa's Sister Shuri Is Too Valuable To Become Black Panther

T’Challa’s Sister Shuri Is Too Valuable To Become Black Panther

Spoilers for Black Panther issue 4 ahead!!

In the absence of any other successors, many comic book readers see Shuri, Princess of Wakanda, as a viable prospect to take over the Black Panther mantle from her brother T’Challa.

There is no doubt that Shuri is counted among the likes of Richards, Stark, and Doom in recent years in the Marvel Universe. She attained her own reputation and her wit is a tremendous asset to both her brother and the kingdom as a whole.

While she has previously held the title of Black Panther, the latest issue of John Ridley and Juann Cabal’s run reveals how a genius like hers is far too handy to risk on the battleground.

It is known that the origins of the Black Panther mantle are complicated. Usually, it is awarded upon the chief Wakandan royal, though a monarch may keep the throne but transmit the Panther title to his heir apparent in some situations. But when her brother was injured by Doctor Doom, Shuri stepped up to the role of Black Panther but the deity Bast withheld his permission until it was assured that Shuri’s heart wasn’t polluted by jealousy for her brother.

This road led to her death and subsequent resurrection, during which she earned a slew of supernatural talents that greatly outstripped her years of martial training. In this issue, she even shows off by animorphing into a flock of crows to travel invisibly.

Shuri has been relaunched in the comics to more closely coincide with her movie adaption following her fan-favorite MCU premiere in 2018. Current writers are stressing her intellect over her physicality, and Black Panther #4 follows this tendency.

While her brother travels the globe, Shuri follows behind him, methodically piecing together evidence about the assassin cult that has set its sights on him. She examines footage of Panther’s encounters with a highly sophisticated holograph technology, and from this, she deduces that the martial technique these assassins are utilizing is Wakandan. Furthermore, her metallurgical analysis of their armor reveals it to be a synthetic equivalent of vibranium.

It’s no surprise that Shuri’s lab explodes shortly after these discoveries, a so-called accident from which she manages to flee. If the source of this threat is hidden within Wakanda, the people involved don’t want the country’s brightest minds to discover their lie.

Imagine how much more vulnerable she would be if she ever reprised her role as Black Panther. While actress Letitia Wright has shown interest in seeing character Shuri go down that path, the data shows she’d be too much of a target, even if she were wearing impenetrable vibranium armour.

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