Tana Mongeau Reveals Gabbie Hanna Did Something "Vile" When She Was A Minor

Tana Mongeau Reveals Gabbie Hanna Did Something “Vile” When She Was A Minor

Tana Mongeau is dropping bombs left and right. In her second episode of the Cancelled podcast, the influencer explained something of the past, with her guest Trisha Paytas.

The social media personality revealed when she was seventeen or eighteen, this “YouTuber” tried to hook up with her at Playlist Live. She shared that it was an older guy and they are friends now. The influencer added, “And it’s something I’ve never thought of again, and obviously, it was an older guy, and we’re friends now. And obviously, I’m not saying it’s right, it’s not right, but I don’t know if I was seventeen or eighteen, and I don’t know if anything so bad happened to condemn them.”

Tana further claimed that she received a phone call from a source who stated that Gabbie Hanna was trying to sell her story of the encounter. The YouTuber said, “It was f***ed up, and I was like, ‘What if this was my trauma?'”

Trisha was shocked at the mention of Gabbie’s name. They tried to correlate it with Joey Graceffa’s tweet; before receiving a call with the controversial Youtuber attempting to sell Tana’s story. Tana shared how she did not think about it but now that she is, she said it could be something. She added that it was hers to have or share.

Trisha instantly described the situation as gross and shared that Gabbie is the one person that she thinks of as “vile and disgusting”. Before this revelation from Tana, both she and Gabbie were friends from 2014 to 2018. They even collaborated for their Youtube channel before Gabbie took a new direction in her content.

Presently, the reason behind them drifting away has not been revealed but Tana seems to be in crossfire with Gabbie. The YouTuber’s recent controversy is about her harassing Jessi Smiles as both of them posted various videos exposing each other. Many of Gabbie’s fans have urged her to stop demeaning Jessi publicly.

The Youtuber has also called out Alx James for defending Jessi. Gabbie is yet to address Tana’s claims or make any comment regarding this.

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