Taehyung of BTS To Appear On Game Caterers With Seojin’s Cast Mates

BTS’s V is about to treat fans with the release of his newest programme, Seo Jin’s, in just a few days. The programme, a spin-off of the well-liked reality series Youn’s Kitchen, will highlight a brand-new eatery managed by Lee Seo Jin. Along with V, Choi Woo Shik and Park Seo Joon, members of the Wooga Squad, were also revealed.

Netizens have been swamped with show-related content over the past several weeks, including posters, teasers, and images of the cast from the schedule. While the previews have thrilled fans, the most recent trailer—a V-focused clip—was the topic of much discussion online. V appears to be working in the kitchen in the teaser and is really lovely in his outfit. My desire is to be a chef, but my reality is a kitchen assistant, the idol says in an amusing way. “Taehyung-ah,” the rest of the cast yells.

V puts up a lot of effort as he completes all the necessary jobs, such as chopping the food, cleaning the dishes, and maintaining the restaurant. Fortunately, V’s presence wasn’t limited to the restaurant’s back; instead, the idol made his way to the front of the establishment to do some marketing.

When the teaser was made public, fans all over the world couldn’t stop discussing their thoughts on the video, and terms like “Taehyung,” “BTSV,” and “TaehyungOnSeoJins” were trending. A snapshot posted by user @15ya.baby on Instagram revealed that BTS members V, Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yu Mi, Park Seo Jun, and Choi Woo Shik will be guests on the Korean programme The Game Caterers, which is scheduled to run on February 20.

In the photo released together, Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yu-mi, Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-sik, and BTS V are sitting side by side. The products that fill the table and the special bonus written ‘Yaja Time’ draw attention. Ahead of the first broadcast on the 24th, it seems that they had a fun game party with the ‘Game Caterers’ team led by PD Na Young-seok.

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