Sykkuno Responds To “Poor Baiting” Accusations On Twitch Leak Backlash

Sykkuno denied claims that he is “poor baiting” his Twitch fans after he faced immense backlash. He sparked backlash when he revealed he earns upwards of $1.1 million a year from his streaming career.

Twitch’s backend code was compromised earlier this month which left every streamer data being leaked. Earlier this week, the site’s monster data leak was out for the internet to judge as thousands of streamers had their account codes and total Twitch earnings revealed.

One of them was Sykkuno and he is facing immense backlash from the Twitch community. As per the few from his 3.7 million followers, the streamer has been “poor baiting” them. His fans think he was pretending to make less than he actually does. This was possibly done for growing his subscriptions, donations and followers.

But these accusations reached another level when his average monthly earnings of $79,846 were aired in the high-profile 4chan leak. They also claimed that the streamer lied about missing bill payments. However, Sykkuno addressed this backlash as he denied ever trying to “bait” his Twitch fans to earn more.

The streamer said that he is just a guy who wants to play games with his friends. This came after a popular meme circulated in his loyal community which claims that his family’s water bills were super high. As per that, the streamer was forced into a life of Twitch.

Valkyrae Defends Sykkuno

The influencer took shots at the joke and he said someone took a clip out of context. He added, “What’s happened here is that someone took a five-second clip out of context and tried to make it like I was saying I was poor or something. Five seconds before that clip you can literally see me saying that I’m not poor. I say that I can afford anything I want to buy.”

Sykkuno added that he does not know what kind of landlords his fans have; but if he does not pay they will kick him out. He clarified that it was a joke and hoped that his fans know that. The streamer continued that he has always tried to be open to his Twitch fans. He also claimed that he never hides anything or lies about anything. The influencer was right because that clip of him was actually him saying he is making “good money”.

He further expressed that he is worried his fans might change their opinion of him over the leak. The streamer added. “No matter how much money I make, I still want the same thing, you know? I’m just a dude that started streaming to try and make friends, have fun, and play games. I don’t want to act rich. I stream to play games. Yeah, I could afford fancy stuff, but I don’t care. It’s surprising people think that’s a bad thing.”

Sykkuno clarified that choosing not to flaunt how much he makes is not a bad thing. He added that it does not matter how many subscribers he has got or how much he makes. The streamer continued that he wants to play games and does not fancy stuff to be happy. He said, “Maybe people think that’s scammy, but yeah. I’m just the same old dude that wants to play games. Chilling with everyone in chat and with my friends.”

Valkyrae had defended the streamer before Sykkuno even addressed the leak. She shared, “If you’re genuinely hating on Sykkuno for the water bill meme, that’s on you. Isn’t it obvious he was trolling? There are actually people that believe he’s poor baiting.”


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