Twitch Partner Axiun Unbanned From The Platform After Two Years

Axiun might be on cloud nine as the former Twitch partnered streamer has been unbanned after two years. Here’s a flashback story of why the streamer was banned in the first place.

Back in 2019 during the TwitchCon, Axiun was caught sharing his entry pass with friends to allow them entry into the TwitchCon venue. This was illegal and got him banned from Twitch.

If you’re even slightly aware about Twitch’s rules and policies, you know that they don’t take rebellion with leniency. The streamer was slapped with an indefinite ban for his actions.

Axiun Admitted His Wrongdoing

But was he really lending his entry pass to his friends? Well, Axiun initially said that it was not case. The streamer claimed that it was a huge misunderstanding because his friend was just returning the pass to him as he lost it the night previously.

He then backtracked on the story and admitted that he lended his pass to friends.

Axiun offered a sincere apology to Twitch in June 2021 where he asked for another chance on the streaming platform.

Another Chance At Twitch

“I have faced my punishment and have grown from it. learned from my mistakes and am now asking for another chance. I hope one day they’ll give me a chance to redeem myself.”

His actions gave him an indefinite ban from Twitch but he is finally back after a ban of 2 years, 2 days, and 10 hours.

Twitch’s generosity in giving back Axiun his channel is certainly a heart warming story. So far the streamer has not acknowledged his un-ban but we expect to see him streaming again anytime now. He was a popular figure on the platform prior to his ban.

Tell us what do you think about this story. Did Axiun deserve such a long punishment?


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