Surprise! Surprise! The Suns Matched The Pacers' Offer Sheet For Deandre Ayton!

Surprise! Surprise! The Suns Matched The Pacers’ Offer Sheet For Deandre Ayton!

The free agency trade has finally gotten a plot twist. There were many speculations on two teams and their two best players. But recent reports have suggested a turn for the better as now the probability seems to be drawing closer than before.

Ayton’s decision to leave

On one hand, we have Deandre Ayton and the Phoenix Suns. Deandre Ayton was supposed to be heading out of Phoenix Suns. This mainly occurred due to clashes between the big man and their head coach in Monty Williams. Ayton was not fitting into Williams’ scheme of things and that he is not putting effort into the role he is supposed to play.

Mainly Ayton’s defense was the thing questioned and his lack of physicality was also seen with unpleased eyes. The culmination of all of this led to Ayton being benched in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semi Finals against the Dallas Mavericks. After just barely 10 minutes of playing time, Williams was dissatisfied with the way Ayton was playing and hence got him sitting on the sidelines as he watched his team getting decimated by his peer, Luka Doncic.

Pacers made the offer but the Suns matched it

So recently, the Indiana Pacers made an offer to take Deandre Ayton. The Pacers front office offered Ayton a max contract of 4-years, $133 Million which is the largest in league’s history by far. Of course, Ayton signed that contract. The Phoenix Suns were given 2 days to match the offer, failing which would lead to Ayton stepping on court as an Indiana Pacers.

However, just an hour ago, the Phoenix Suns matched the offer sheet that the Pacers had put forth. This meant that Ayton has to now stay with the Phoenix Suns as he was a restricted free agent. Thus the Suns were successful in keeping their big man. But what now?

Signing Ayton means that now there is a possibility to trade for Kevin Durant as Ayton’s value has jumped high in the market. If not, the Suns can get any other superstar as Phoenix is already an ideal spot for any big name player to come with the way they had played the season prior. They were the best team in the league but due to certain circumstances they fell short.

Kevin Durant situation

Now moving on to the Brooklyn Nets. What will they do? Will they be trading KD and get Deandre Ayton in return? Mind you the Nets just have Nicolas Claxton as their center. So they should be looking to get Ayton. However, losing a generational talent in Durant might not be the ideal way to go.

Even Durant might be having second thoughts now after how the Ayton deal was handled. If by chance he goes to Phoenix and they fail to win a championship he will have to hear it for his entire life. Well the same is the case in Brooklyn. However, on weighing both teams, Durant will be having Irving, Ben Simmons and Seth Curry alongside him. On the other hand he will be with Chris Paul, Devin Booker on the other side.

Both don’t seem like too ideal but it is ideal in the same time as well. This will be a major decision for Durant to take as this is basically a decision on where he wants to win a championship. The Nets have never reached the Finals nor won a championship. The Phoenix Suns did reach twice but failed to win even once. Winning the championship for any of those teams will give huge credibility to his legacy.

Over in Phoenix, if by chance Ayton has to stay for the entirety of the next season, the locker room chemistry will surely be awkward. After so many rumors of him attempting to leave the franchise then him having to stay will surely impact their chemistry. It is slowly becoming a Russell Westbrook situation for Ayton. Let’s see what the oncoming days bring into free agency.

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