Supernatural’s Spanish Version Puts A New Twist On Controversial Finale Season

The final season of Supernatural has caused quite a stir as the final season has a different dialogue in a Spanish version. The change has encouraged a lot of feelings among fans as they expressed confusion, rage, and suspicion.

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched the final season please do not proceed. The scene that people are full of feelings about the pivotal moment from Despair. The scene has angel Castiel played by Misha Collins, who confesses his love for Dean Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles.

In the English version of the scene, Castiel says, “I love you” to which Dean responds saying, “Do not do this, Cas.” However, in the Spanish version, Dean’s response is quite different as the response is, “And I you, Cas.”

This has obviously caused an uproar among fans as the two versions mean completely different. The Spanish version was released a few weeks earlier than the English version. Although pretty late, fans have spotted the difference and they cannot keep calm. Some of the fans have been wanting the characters to be a couple.

The producers have remained consistent in depicting that Dean is straight. According to Daily Dot, Castiel entered into another hell dimension right after declaring his love. Some fans have accused the show’s original choice of following the “bury your gays” trope.

This is not the first time a TV series is facing a backlash as previously there was an uproar around BBC’s Sherlock. Some fans wanted Sherlock and Dr. Watson’s characters to be lovers and were disappointed that the finale did not include anything like that. The producers and the cast pointed out that the nature of the characters would not have matched the move.

“am disheartened to see a lot of misconceptions, making many in our family feel unheard & unsupported”

Game of Thrones also faced serious criticism as fans were not happy with the ending that Emilia Clarke’s character, Daenerys Targaryen got. Fans believed the ending was changed after being given another script. However, both Sherlock and Game of Thrones fans did not have the privilege of having clips of alternate endings.

Some fans have accused CW of changing the ending of the show as it was originally scripted. They also claim that the ending in the Spanish version is the original one. Despair was the last and final episode that was shot before the global coronavirus pandemic was hit. However, accusing the network would seem a little far-fetched as it already has a number of LGBTQ characters as the main lead.

The explanation for the mishap or perhaps the original ending can only be confirmed by the cast or the network. Although the character who played Castiel opened up about the issue and shared that there was no conspiracy theory.

He shared that there was never an alternate ending of the series finale where his character Castiel says, “I love you” to Dean. The actor took to his social media to clear the air and posted a video which was 2-minutes long. He wrote that he is seeing a lot of commentary on the ending of the series and the Spanish dub.

Misha shared that he is disheartened to see a lot of misconceptions that are making many in their family unheard and unsupported. So he announced to call a Supernatural family meeting to clear things out as he posted the video.


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