Stranger Things 4 Creates A New Record on OTT By Becoming the Second Most Popular Show

Stranger Things 4 breaks the record in the OTT world and is clearly the most celebrated show of the year. It has made its name for being an iconic horror series of all time. Considering this it would suffice to say that Stranger Things is a beloved show for all horror fans.

Stranger Things 4 has achieved a milestone by becoming the second series ever to get a million viewers in just an hour. This was recorded after the premiere of its fourth season on July 1 consisting of two episodes each of two hours. You would not believe the number of viewers it gained after the release! it was recorded to be 1.15 billion in total since Volume 1 of the series premiered.

Guess Stranger Things is going to bang the award for the best OTT show, this year.

The first OTT show to get these many viewers was the south-Koren thriller show Squid Game which came in 2021 on Netflix and has been renewed for a Season 2. To date, Squid Game remains at the top of the high grossing with 1.65 billion hours viewed.

Stranger Things is the most-watched English web series on Netflix and the second-most popular show in the OTT world. We have got other shows with similar popularity like The Boys’ new season and Game Of Thrones from last year, but Stranger Things was the most anticipated show of the year with so many viewers in hours.

With back-to-back releases of two volumes of Stranger Things 4, fans couldn’t resist binge-watching a new horror adventure this year. Season 4 is topping the charts on Netflix and has been leading for a long time now.

Apart from Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy is also in the top shows in the chart. But The Umbrella Academy and Stranger Things are dominating the charts this time. Fans were equally excited to watch both shows.

The Umbrella Academy” Season 1 ranked No. 4 this week with 32.8 million hours watched after placing No. 7 the previous week, and Season 2 made a comeback at No. 8 this week (20.3 million). Even though the latest season of these two series is on the top, the previous seasons which were released in the past years are also on the list now.

The rest of the top shows are “Man Vs. Bee” (25.4 million), “Peaky Blinders” Season 6 (18.4 million), and “Snowflake Mountain” (15 million).

Which are the shows you watched this year?

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